How To Setup SMTP Server With Easy Steps (Step By Step Guide 2022)

Are you disappointed by repeated failure to communicate through emails while you are on the go? Do you want to promote your business with the help of targeted emails but find the usual web host server not being able to deliver bulk emails to your satisfaction? Does your client, who you need to send emails to, is located in a remote part of the world, making email communications difficult? Do you find dedicated email service providers too expensive to fit your spending budget? The solution to all your problems is simple – use an SMTP email server. Today we will discuss how to setup SMTP server with some easy steps.

SMTP2GO email service has benefited many business owners for the past few years and communicating through emails have never been this easy. One can send a single email or bulk emails to any location in the world without any problem or hurt one’s pocket even while traveling. There is no additional hassle of changing any existing software. SMTP services, being cheaper than a pizza, makes it a done deal. In a nutshell, SMTP server is the answer to all email related prayers.

Today, I am going to share my review on the easy setup and usage of SMTP server with the hope that it will help you with your email communications as effectively as it did with so many others.

For those who don’t know, SMTP2GO is a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol based email service provider, which helps us send a lot of emails from anywhere in the world, using cloud computing. It is a reliable way to communicate through emails, even when you are using your portable devices to do so.

Still in doubt about SMTP2GO? Read our article on the review of SMTP2GO, the best smtp server till now. If you need a faster, cheaper and reliable email service provider, SMTP2GO will be your savior.

How to Setup SMTP Server Like Pro:

Setting up smtp2go was an easy process, and it takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. All that is needed to be done is to fill up the basic form, and after receiving the confirmation email click on it and yay! Your account will get created.

The SMTP2GO from signing up to setting up:

The signing up of SMTP2GO is a very easy process, the welcome screen at looks like this:

how to setup smtp server

All we have to do is click on the Sign Up Tab in the Upper Right-hand corner of the page and select the proper package according to your requirement. If you don’t feel like paying before a trial, don’t worry. You can send 1000 emails per month from your free account.

how to setup smtp server

Once the desired package has been selected the page will redirect to a new pop up window to fill in a detail form which is required to set up the account.

how to setup smtp server

Once done with signing up, the next step is configuring the server settings on SMTP2GO. The option to configure the server setting is available on the upper left-hand corner of the dashboard. The dashboard looks like this:

how to setup smtp server

On the Dashboard, click on the link where it says “Simply change the settings in your email software to these:” and follow the instructions from there. The setup guide was easy to follow, and after a few steps, a dedicated server will be provided to handle all your communications effectively.

SMTP2GO is easy to set up, and once done, you get a host of benefits to suit your specific emailing needs. SMTP2GO works well with any email applications, like Gmail, MS Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Yahoo, and iPhone. It also works perfectly from any portable device.

The generic instruction to configure your email app is available just below the “Getting Started” section on the Dashboard and is easy enough to be followed by anyone.

SMTP2GO provides defined sending options for personal emails and Salesforce integration. When integrated with any business domain with the emailer, a built-in unsubscribe link is provided with it.

Learn More About SMTP2GO Here:

The feature is helpful during an email marketing campaign as it provides the recipient the option to unsubscribe from the business promotions without the risk of the company’s domain name getting blacklisted by Google or any other major search engine.

One of the unique features of SMTP2GO is that it gives you the option to restrict the number of email senders which will be able to send emails through your account. You can allow only one email address per domain name to make sure the risk of hacking is minimized.

When it comes to email marketing, this features goes a long way to ensure any domain name using your account does not misuse its purpose.

It is also a dream come true for developers since it provides API in multiple codes and languages, making it one of the most developer-friendly email service provider.

SMTP2GO is the first choice of many individuals, who want to promote their business through email campaigns because of its ability to track the emails. You can see what happens behind the scene with your emails real-time. SMTP2GO will also let you see the rate of successful delivery and bounce back rate of your emails on your homepage. Not only that, it also provides you with spam rate and unsubscribe statistics, preventing Google from pushing your business name to the back of its SERP.

Learn How to Design Emails For Your Business Like Pro

Before buying an smtp server, certain things are to be checked. Know about those things in our blog post on things to be checked before buying a smtp server.

SMTP servers are an excellent solution for people who need to send emails in bulk. Ordinary web hosts often fail to deliver emails in bulk anywhere in the world. This particular issue with SMTP2GO is non-existent since it relies on the TCP/IP process to deliver the emails, which means a large number of servers act as a mailbox, from which every user is provided with a dedicated space. This process reduces the chance of unsuccessful email delivery making email marketing campaigns achieve a higher success rate.

The SMTP relay service ensures timely delivery of your emails, whether it is to your next door neighbor or an international client far away. It is an important feature for people who rely on email campaigns for the majority of their brand promotions.

SMTP servers are the best option for email delivery because it’s faster than any ordinary web host when delivering emails and it protects your emails from entering into spam section! To set up your free SMTP2GO account for uninterrupted email communication.I hope now you have a clear idea on how to setup smtp server very quickly for your business.

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