Why SMTP2GO is The Best SMTP Server for Email Campaign

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Why Need the Best SMTP Servers & What is It?:

If you own a business and want to expand your Brand name beyond the boundaries, you might have come across the term SMTP servers or email marketing campaigns. These terms often dictate your level of success in the marketing field, since they are responsible for building your digital marketing campaign and taking it to new heights of achievement.

Email marketing campaign is the most popular way to reach the masses at a very low cost, and manpower. Now the question is, why should you use Best SMTP server for your email marketing campaign? And if you are using one, is it the right SMTP server for you?

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To answer these questions, here is a list of reasons why you should buy an SMTP server like SMTP2GO to advance your email marketing campaign.

ISP Servers Vs SMTP Server: The Difference

  1. Number of Email Address You Can Send Emails From

A dedicated SMTP server allows you to send a huge number of emails from numerous email address, in some case like SMTP2GO, unlimited. ISP servers restrict the number of sender options, which in turn hinders bulk email messaging. With dedicated SMTP servers, you don’t have to face such problems.

  1. Marketing Tools to Monitor Rate of Deliverability

When managing an email marketing campaign, it is necessary to monitor your email marketing activities to ensure your rate of deliverability. ISP servers don’t provide the facility like a real-time analytics on the home dashboard to keep a check on the email activities. Dedicated SMTP servers provide such marketing tools.

  1. Security

Email campaigns can sometimes hold sensitive information, such as account numbers, details of clients, agreements of the non-disclosure variety. Since email holders having an account with ISP servers shares the overhead server with other users, they cannot boast of a refined security which is provided by dedicated SMTP servers like SMTP2GO.

  1. Spam Filtering

One major problem of ISP servers is that it cannot prevent bulk messages from ending up in the spam box. It is because the ‘to’ and ‘from’ address of the sender is often different. An SMTP server provides the account holder a same email business both to send and receive emails and has an edge over common ISP servers.

  1. A Built-in Unsubscribe Link

Permission-based email marketing is known by the unsubscribed link which is provided by the sender to the recipient for a choice to opt-out from the campaign. The feature is lacking in any ISP server, and it doesn’t do any good for a marketer. Only dedicated SMTP servers such as SMTP2GO can provide an unsubscribe link.

  1. The Cost Factor

SMTP servers are an integrated part of email marketing because they take the major burden of the mass-reaching factor at almost negligible cost. ISP servers don’t provide half the tools and features required for bulk messaging, and other paid service providers charge a bomb. SMTP2GO and other SMTP servers provide better service at one-tenth of the cost.

The Final Verdict

Above reasons indicate why dedicated SMTP servers are a better option for marketers looking for a better option for their marketing needs at a cheaper rate. SMTP2GO is an excellent option. It has real-time analytics which shows you your email activities after they are sent, like bounce-back rates, and it is virtually non-hackable.

It doesn’t hurt that SMTP2GO provides a built-in unsubscribe link, allows multiple email address to a single account holder, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The best part of SMTP2GO is that it is almost free of cost. You can opt for a trial run of one month for FREE, or can choose any package which is cheap. You can also customize your package. Buy SMTP2GO today and start your successful email marketing campaign today!

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