Use SMTP2GO For Sending And Receiving Emails in China As Gmail Alternative

Gmail Alternative

Working in a corporate sector anywhere in the world, sending and receiving emails stands crucial for the execution of various tasks and for the same, Gmail is the most accepted and largest email service provider all over.

But China has blocked this service provider from gaining access in the country after months of disruptions that Gmail had to face. This steep down flow happened after Christmas. On the other hand, the China government has stated to continue to provide help to its investors all over.

Reasons Behind Gmail Blocked in China

Two reasons behind this can be

  • As all connections to Gmail are encrypted by HTTPS, hence, the GFW is unable to figure out what is being sent and received through emails.
  • Google is one such company which has refused to associate with the Chinese authorities for sharing email extracts of some users.

So what can do? Users are suggested to use SMTP servers as Gmail alternative. These SMTP servers pose a great advantage to the users in the digital marketing arena. But questions as to why should one go for an SMTP server for an email marketing campaign and which is best server to be used among all are often raised.

Advantages of an SMTP server

  • A large chunk of emails can be sent from various email addresses: a particular sender can send around 20-25k emails easily and quickly through this simple platform. It is the easiest way of email interaction between varied computers within a single network.
  • A widely accepted way of reaching out to the masses at a very low cost. There are different packages of using the SMTP server in which thousands and thousands of emails can be sent at a very low rate. There is also free use of this in which one can send approximately 10,000 emails.
  • SMTP servers are authentic when sending emails. For instance, if a particular email is not sent once, the SMTP server will re-send it until it is successfully sent.
  • Companies and organizations can blindly rely on SMTP servers in case of outgoing emails.

Thus, SMTP server is the only server through which companies can send their emails and newsletters to its clients and customers at one go without incurring huge costs. Now, among all the SMTP servers, a company has to incorporate a good quality SMTP server like the SMTP2GO for a better email marketing campaign and Gmail alternative. For this, at first, one should know what plus points are there while using SMTP2GO.

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SMTP2GO Features:

  • SMTP2GO is a reliable and scalable email delivery service that reviews one’s emails after they are sent and also shows them the various email activities like bounce-back rates.
  • It allows one to send unlimited emails without charging anything.
  • A single account holder can have the access to a number email addresses which can be retrieved from any corner of the world.
  • A sender through SMTP2GO provides its receiver with an unsubscribed link through which the latter can withdraw himself out of the campaign.

Thus, SMTP2GO proves to be an apt choice for quick work to be done at a very cheap rate of cost. Users can opt for a FREE TRIAL of one month and later, if they want, can choose a suitable package of their choice and can even personalize it accordingly if they want to.

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