Email Testing! Check The Latest Feature Launched By SMTP2GO

 In this world of tough competition, SMTP servers also keep upgrading their features, introducing new features to keep their consumers hooked to their services. As it stands, SMTP servers have an edge over generic email service providers because of their specific services related to bulk email messaging and their offer to provide a smoother ride when it comes to email marketing campaigns.

It is perhaps also convenient for business owners to use SMTP servers because of their availability and the ability to send and receive emails practically from any corner of the world. That said, the rivalry between various SMTP service providers also ensure that they are constantly upgrading their own services to keep ahead of others.

In the current market, SMTP2GO holds the title of being the number 1 service provider in terms of innovations and easy-to-use option in the industry of SMTP Servers. They are pioneers when it comes to introducing new features, and their brilliance is extremely simple because they are not complicated like some other service providers. The latest in line is email testing, a premium feature offered by SMTP2GO, to the clients with higher volume plans (100k+ emails per month and more).

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What is Email Testing?

As the name suggests, simply put, email testing lets you screen your emails as it appears in your client’s inbox in your report folder, so that you have an idea how your emails are performing and their impact on your marketing campaign. As a bonus, it also enables you to do a ‘SPAM filter test’ and ‘Screenshot test’. To perform an email testing, all you have to do is to go to your SMTP2GO dashboard, then to the Reports category, where you can do the Email Testing

The Preview

SMTP2GO has made it easier for users to test the new email testing feature. After logging into your account dashboard, click on the Reports category and then select the Email Testing Feature. Input your email account details, like the sending address and the receiving address and HTML code to activate the preview. The preview will be then delivered to your inbox.

Screenshot Test

If you are a frequent traveler, the Screenshot test is going to benefit you immensely. It gives you the freedom to choose from over 50 email clients across all major browser forms on mobiles and desktop. With screenshot test, an additional link test is also run on the given email to check whether the link is organic or not.

Advantages of Email Testing

Email testing is a great tool for those who run email marketing campaigns. If you want a successful campaign, you need to have an idea of how receptive your emails are to your clients, and whether they are receiving or not! Email testing feature lets you have that ability. This feature is available for account users with high volume, that is 1000+ emails per month.

Make Your Marketing Campaign A Success, Use SMTP2GO

Now you have a clear answer to what is email testing and your debate over which SMTP server to buy to help run your email marketing campaign successfully. With the new email testing feature. It is easier to keep a track of your strategy in the most convenient way. Don’t wait and get SMTP2GO today!

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