SMTP2GO Features: Know Why SMTP2GO Are Making It The Most Used SMTP Server

SMTP2GO Features

In 2006 came the fastest, most reliable and affordable email service provider, SMTP2GO, the best SMTP server till date to send chunks of emails even in the extreme corners of the world in seconds with the help of advanced technology. Maximum companies prefer using it because of its price flexibility feature and 24*7 technical help.

This email service provider is called the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Because of its real-time tracking facility, email sending is reliable and safe through this SMTP server. Using cloud-computing technology, It makes email sending anywhere possible within a very short span especially in this growing era of digital marketing.

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Know the SMTP2GO Features:

On purchasing the free version, users get a handful of features that can prove to be very beneficial with respect to email accessibility and deliverability. These features are listed below. Give it a read!

  1. The installation of SMTP2GO is easy and hassle-free. It takes approximately 2 minutes to install the software. No separate software is required to run the program.
  2. Upon installation of this email server, worries regarding technicalities and fear of email reaching its respective receiver can be wiped out completely. It keeps a note of the sent emails with the help of ‘real-time analytics’ and also the technicalities are also considered, hence, no fear of the IP address getting blacklisted.
  3. It makes integration easy on webmail hosts like Yahoo or Hotmail and also goes well with all the existing service providers such as Thunderbird, iPhone, Microsoft Outlook and etc. Its easy installation claims that it is the easiest way to email sending.
  4. Emails can be tested against spam filters and can be seen as to how they will appear in all main email software with SMTP2GO.
  5. With this server, the user is able to develop and authenticate the right SPF and DKIM records for a user’s domain name that too without any prior information. It also saves the emails from getting into the spam folder and also getting warnings from Google. Along with that, transnational emails and general emails can also be sent from the user’s app and Apple Mail respectively. Marketing emails can also be sent having a unsubscribe link.
  6. With the Application Program Interface(API) of SMTP2GO, any application developer will have to give minimum effort and full information code in various languages is displayed.
  7. Another salient feature of this smtp server is their after-sale service. Once the sale pitch is done, their relationship with the customer doesn’t end here. As mentioned above, the plus point of SMTP2GO is that they have a 24*7 support portal. At any time in the world, they are ready to help their customers with a solution ready to the current problem be it from opening an account to the completion of a transaction.
  8. Even if the user does not wish to spend money on purchasing of it then he can avail the version for free having all these services but limiting transactions to 1000 emails monthly. There is an option for the user to customize the package in which the sender pays his desired price. If not happy with the purchase, It gives the sender a 30-day money back guarantee.

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These SMTP2GO features stated above justifies it to be a good purchase. It is proved to be an asset to the growth and development of a business. It is undoubtedly the fastest, cheap, reliable and most secure SMTP server which can be seen from its features.