Things You Should Check Before Buying An SMTP Server

Check Before Buying An SMTP Server
Nowadays, sending bulk emails to your client base in the form of newsletters, promotional emails, or a simple thank you email is a critical part of digital marketing. It keeps the communication personal, even when the objective is to reach the masses simultaneously.

The best way to guarantee that your emails reach its destination without fail is opting to install a dedicated SMTP server. The services are often customized to meet the user requirement and comes with great features to add that extra effort for a flawless email marketing.

However, many new business owners get befuddled while selecting the SMTP servers suitable for their needs as the concept is not clear to them. They end up buying SMTP servers which do not mesh with their marketing campaigns, or overall email service needs.

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Before making the final decision of buying and outsourcing SMTP server, make sure you tick-off the required checklist.

Absolute Guarantee for Delivering Emails, in the Primary Inbox

Email Marketing campaigns often fail, because of a minor overlook in details. Google or any other ISP has crawlers checking emails for spam. Any emails without a same origin and reply center fall under this category. Getting a singular domain remains the main objective why business owners choose SMTP servers for their email campaigns.

Even then, the structure of the emails are sometimes constructed wrong, which earns them the tag of spam emails. Before buying an SMTP server, ensure that your domain name is capable of getting replies from the client, and every email has an unsubscribe link attached to them.

Check The Features Provided By The SMTP Server

Before settling for an SMTP server, make sure you explore the features provided by the same. Delve a little deeper beyond the account dashboard, and you will get to know whether you are getting your money’s worth or not. Some SMTP servers, like SMTP2GO, provides an array of specs which adds value to email marketing.

Real-time analytics is a great example as such. It provides the users with activities which happen during the email delivery, right from the beginning till the end. You will get to know your email outreach level, whether they are getting delivered or are bouncing back, and even the number of failed deliveries.

Some servers also allow the option for the user to integrate their Sales force application with their account, making it an invaluable plus factor for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The review reports always don’t show their email delivery rates either.

Ensure you check with the service provider regarding the same so that your Brand name doesn’t get tarnished by someone else’s misdeeds while sharing your ISP with questionable email senders.

The Customer Support Structure

One thing you must keep in mind while selecting an SMTP server is that you might need their help frequently unless you have a dedicated IT team to do your work when delivery fails.

The email delivery scenario is a continuous process and changes time to time. It is not possible for every business owner to employ a team of experts to check the changes and the industry trends.

A quick service is often the need of the hour and many SMTP service providers nosedive in terms of providing quality customer support. Choose a service provider whose customer service is impeccable, and which has a support team who are ready to lend a helping hand at any time of the day.

One such server is SMTP2GO, who not only provides 24*7 customer service but also offers the same in multiple languages. They have won a Bronze Award at the Steve Awards 2017 for their proper Customer Sales and Service.


The scope of digital marketing is expanding and so is the method of email marketing. A successful email marketing campaign requires a successful SMTP server, which is capable of customization as per user requirement. An excellent choice for such is SMTP2GO.

It provides salient features to accommodate the ever-changing industrial trends and subsequent client expectations, and cross the extra mile when it comes to customer support. Another invaluable fact is that, this particular server costs a fraction of what other companies charge for their services, and you can also avail their services, albeit at a restricted number of emails, for free. If you are planning to buy an ace SMTP server for all your email marketing campaigns, look no further than SMTP2GO.

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