Can Receive But Not Send Emails? Resolve in 10 Minutes Just

Can Receive But Not Send Emails

Though it is a rare issue that you can receive but not send emails. We open the mail client, type the message, insert the receiver’s address, click Send and an error occurs especially when attempting to send the mail from a different location other than home. Repeated errors are likely to occur because of the general ISP servers, which are commonly used for email transactions.

Some Quick Steps To Resolve Can Receive But Not Send Emails Issue:

Here are some quick steps that can help you to resolve this issue. It will take just 10 minutes to do.

Check Network Connection:

Minor but most important. Make sure to have a strong internet connection.

Double Check Login Details:

Ensure that the password and usernames are correctly typed before login.

A check on your SMTP server details:

If we have set up the mail client with the wrong SMTP parameters, errors are likely to happen. It’s better to use a dedicated SMTP server to fix these kinds of problems. The best option in this situation is SMTP2GO.

Authentication of the SMTP2GO server:

POP3 and IMAP email accounts permit SMTP authentication to be verified. Generic ISPs i.e. Internet Service Provider will tell us whether SMTP authentication is required or not.
Before installing SMTP Server, you need to know first how does an SMTP server help in sending and receiving emails. Read this article and know how does it work.

Secured Password Authentication needed for SMTP2GO server:

Along with POP3 and IMAP accounts, HTTP also allows SPA to be active. The ISP grants as to whether SPA authentication is required or not. Eventually, our Outlook client’s email settings can be organized accordingly for the same. Still finding it difficult to send emails? You just require the Outgoing Mail Server, present in the Outgoing Server tab. It so happens that ISP differs at different locations. Hence, we face trouble in getting the outgoing mail server, especially while traveling or when we are away from our usual places like home or office.

SMTP Port Needs To Be Changed:

The outgoing mail server usually uses port 25 but at times some ISPs block that port because of the excess spam traffic passing through. To prevent it from Spam, port 587 or 465 is meant to be used.

Check Your Antivirus Settings:

While sending an email, the outgoing mail server faces hindrances from the computer’s installed antivirus. Therefore, check and ensure that your antivirus settings are not creating a blockage.

Therefore, email deliverability is an easy task now with the 10 proven ways apart from these solutions, listed in our other article. Read the blog to discover the 10 proved ways that improve email deliverability.

Every time it’s not possible to get the ISP’s outgoing mail server details of every location. Authentication being the major problem. It is better to use a dedicated SMTP2 mail service provider that is available round the clock in every corner of the world. When an email is being sent, it first reaches the SMTP server and from there is sent to the recipient.

Final Verdict:

The best option is SMTP2GO, which is currently the best SMTP service provider in the world. It is scalable and can be reached from various parts of the world without facing any major issue. You don’t even have to change your email account!  To top-it-off, you get the services almost free of cost. It is truly the best email service provider for people who are constantly on the move.

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