How Does STMP Server Works? Things You Need To Know

In this technologically advanced world, communicating with anyone through emails is done in the blink of an eye. One doesn’t need to wait even an hour for the email to get delivered, and sometimes they receive the reply within seconds.

Fast and efficient, emails have become the most favored mode of communication for people worldwide. Behind this seemingly easy method, is a process which requires some fairly complex steps. Our concern starts with sending emails and end when we receive a reply.

However, the process involved in making email communication such a hassle-free method, is fascinating. While email delivery system accessed via a web browser and hosted by cloud works for users, email marketing campaigns need a dedicated SMTP server to send customized emails such as newsletters, promotional offers, and automated emails activated by user interaction.But thing is how does smtp server work?

The process which works for this kind of specific email deliveries is known as the SMTP Relay Service.

A to Z of SMTP Relay Service

SMTP, or Simple Mail Service Protocol is the preferred choice for many for flawless email deliveries. It is the overhead server to which email services connect with to send emails. It is like sending snail mails, where SMTP server acts as the post office.

The server is the same for both the incoming and outgoing emails. The email services then collaborate with IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol) to download the email in your inbox. It is imperative that the “to” and “from” IP address for the email be the same so that the email doesn’t get dumped in the spam inbox.

An interesting fact – sending email to a domain same as yours does not need SMTP relay service, since it is like sending snail mail to someone in your own city, where the post office doesn’t need to involve another post office to deliver your mail.

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Now comes the big question, why would anyone need SMTP relay service for email deliveries? One can argue and say that the normal POP3 (Post Office Protocol) can deliver their emails all the same. The answer is, it is convenient to use the POP3 to deliver your emails when it is to a limited number of recipients.

Email marketers send emails to many of the customer bases, and then also it is an ever-growing one. A single Protocol is incapable of handling email deliveries to the public resulting in failed deliveries. Also, without the customized SMTP Relay service, the IP address for the incoming and outgoing emails are different, and those emails have the misfortune of ending up as spam.

Backing up emails in the main server is also provided by SMTP relay service at a one-tenth cost of what other dedicated space providers charge. Some service providers, like SMTP2GO, goes a step beyond and offer the services for free.

In a nutshell, SMTP relay service helps you with your email marketing campaigns by removing the restriction on the number of recipients, prevents your emails from ending up in the spam, and does not burn a hole in your budget by providing the extra space.

For beginners, a good option for them is SMTP2GO. It is a worldwide scalable email delivery service, accessible even from the remotest corner of the world. You can have a native customer base or it can reach far out till Alaska, and you will still get assured delivery services.

It offers tailored email structures, complete with a unsubscribe link to make your email marketing a genuine campaign. SMTP2GO also run real-time analytics of your sent email activities right on your dashboard so that you can check the delivery trend and act so.

The best part? If you are unsure of your decision, you can avail the free version to form a logical idea about dedicated SMTP servers and how they work. It is not a limited time offer although the sent number of emails can be restricted.

Furthermore, suppose you bought their customized package and are not happy with the services, you can opt for a 60-day money back guarantee. If you decide to buy a dedicated SMTP server, SMTP2GO is the best deal for you! and lastly i thing you have gort

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