Email Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing – Which One is Better?

Email Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing

In the digital world of marketing, there is a never-ending battle called Email Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing to grab the no.1 spot for being the most popular one. It leaves the marketers wondering where to allocate their resources, what should be their strategy, and whether it is worth spending money on certain campaigns. Though it seems social media marketing is the front-runner in the popularity section, the reality is very different.

Email marketing campaigns are still relevant in digital marketing, and sometimes, it takes the cake in regards to reach ability, especially when done through the best SMTP service provider, SMTP2GO. There are certain variables which point out that while social media might be at the fingertips of everyone, emails are important for the return on investments.

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Email Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing:

The Reach-Out Factor

You might think that social media marketing is clearly the winner in this category, but hold on! Statistics point out a very different scenario. If we are talking hypothetically, sending 1000 emails per day would amount to an average global deliverability rate of 79%, and that is when you are using a generic ISP email service provider, which doesn’t allow you more than the mandatory 1000 per day.

Email marketers often use SMTP servers, like SMTP2GO, to increase the number of emails to be sent daily. Imagine the increase in parameters when you are sending 10,000 emails per day! On the other hand, social media king Facebook, even with its 500,000+ followers, can reach up-to only 5% of their total fan base. The situation of Twitter is similar, a mere 2% of their total followers get connected through social media marketing.

Let us take another base of comparison. If we take open-rate percentages over delivery rates, even then the average stands at 21.73%, way a lot higher than Facebook and Twitter!

The Return on Investment Factor

Spending a considerate budget on various digital marketing strategies can be quite taxing at times. The more worrying matter is that sometimes, the Return on Investment, or ROI, is peanuts compared to the mountains spent by several business owners. The worry is justifiable, since comparing the ROI between social media marketing and email marketing is extremely complex as it stands on different variants. However, in 2016, a comprehensive report was collected by Holistic Email Marketing, which indicated that in terms of consumer marketing, the best ROI is delivered by email campaigns.

The Personalization Factor

A major drawback of social media marketing is that when they construct a campaign, it follows a mass approach. It indicates that there is no less personalization in the content. This is where email marketers can play with the content and personalize to the understanding of their consumer’s need. It is a completely different approach from the general shout-out given out on social media platforms. Not only in terms of content, but emails also communicate with their clients on a personal level. It is another reason why email marketing is in leaps and bound ahead of social media marketing in the marketing campaign personalization contest.

The Final Word

Spending a considerable amount of marketing strategies require careful preparation. It is a tough competition out there, and marketers need to plan carefully when it comes to budgeting. They can always take help from statistics to know which platform is going to help them the best. For business owners who focus on email campaigns, It is the best tool for them to help reach out on a massive scale. It lets one amplify their personalization factor, and the budget is also pocket-friendly most of the time.

For business owners looking to take a bet on email marketing, SMTP2GO is the way to go. It is scalable from anywhere in the world, it provides a built-in unsubscribe link with each email to avoid being labeled as spam, and it is also super easy on the budget! It is the go-to-tool for a successful marketing campaign.

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