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Often, the main question which pops up in one’s mind while embarking on an email marketing campaign is whether they need to Buy SMTP Server or not.  The seemingly easy way of continuous use of an ISP protocol for any email delivery service makes the decision confusing, along with the limited idea of the alternative.

Most people are not even aware of SMTP servers as an alternative, so what can be the answer to the question when it comes to selecting the right email server? The answer to this question can be simple if the reasons are sound. SMTP2GO is said to be the best SMTP server for sending and receiving emails. Read This Article To Know More

Let’s Take a Look at Some of The Reasons Why Someone Would Need to Buy SMTP Server:

  • The Purpose of buying an SMTP Server:

SMTP servers are essentially the best option for someone who needs to send bulk emails. It can be for in-house business communication or sending out promotional newsletters. The first order of business which needs sorting out is to understand a user’s requirement when sending out emails.

Do they send more than a hundred emails daily? If the answer is yes, then the best option for the client is to opt for an SMTP server. Generic ISPs or Internet Service Protocol cannot provide the bulk emailing options since the perfunctory choice for such Protocol is providing an all-around server for primary uses.

The drawbacks of such servers are that it either delays the delivery service or straight out crashes down while attempting bulk deliveries. SMTP servers are designed specifically for bulk email delivery options and don’t suffer from such drawbacks.

  • Customized “Reply To”:

The title might seem off, but it is a crucial reason why users, especially business proprietors, should opt for an SMTP server. Business owners would want their domain name as their email address when communicating with clients, or potential customers.

For example, a company XYZ software would prefer their emailing options to include as their address. However, what they get while using ECP’s are,

This problem continues even after setting up the Mailbox of generic email service providers. Buying an SMTP server solves this particular issue since the protocol allows the use of the address for all inbound emails. A user needs to re-evaluate this important point while deciding whether to select SMTP server or not.

  • Proprietor-Customer Interaction:

Who doesn’t love feedbacks? It is a sure-shot way to know what your customer is thinking about your product or services. Even a negative feedback is desirable because it helps decide the short-selling of the company and start the necessary rectifications.

However, ISPs like Google can figure out promotional or similar emails, and promptly dumps those emails in the spam box or trash can. To avoid such sad fate, SMTP servers are the best option. It allows business owners to have a two-way conversation with their clients and potential client base through feedback and comparable actions. A win-win situation for both parties involved.

  • It is all about the security:

Email communications which are financial transactions with private information in them need the extra layer of security from getting hacked. Generic ISP is incapable of providing such security measures since the overhead server is shared by many. To avoid hacking and serious loss of private information, mainly the financial kind, one must genuinely consider opting for specific email delivery system such as SMTP servers.

  • The Unsubscribe Link:

Another way of avoiding the label of spam is to provide the unsubscribe link with each newsletter. It helps the user keep track of their audience base, as well as keeping it out of reach of Google crawlers marking the emails as spam or promotional email. Since ISPs are not used just for email deliveries meant for email campaigns, they lack the unsubscribe options. Another advantage SMTP servers provide.

  • Bonus Feature – Real-time Analytics:

Business proprietors and email marketers want to keep track of their email activities, including the delivery time, bounce-back and unsubscribe rates. This specific feature is absent in broad ISP or ECP servers. For such activities, some SMTP servers, like SMTP2GO, provides real-time analytics to keep the user informed about their email actions.

  • The Money Factor:

Admittedly, a very valuable reason why one should buy SMTP servers is that they are dirt cheap compared to some specific email marketing package that companies like Rackspace provide. When the target is to increase profit, a user will be wise to budget their spending limit for promotions and digital marketing. SMTP servers like SMTP2GO fit the criteria nicely.

 Apart from these above-mentioned reasons, companies prefer SMTP server for their Salesforce campaign. For further information on this, read our blog post.

These are a few specific reasons a user will need to buy SMTP server. While there are many options in the current market for such email delivery system, one should choose a complete package. An excellent all-around option is SMTP2GO, the world’s best reliable and scalable SMTP server. It comes with an in-built unsubscribe link, a real-time analytics for email activities, is completely safe and secure to use, and easy on the pocket to boot! The benefit of using SMTP2GO is, it is also free for 1,000 emails per month!

Buy SMTP server to comply with your business promotions and in-house communication needs. For users whose primary professional communication mode is email, it is the final word.

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