Do You Need To Buy An SMTP Server For Your Salesforce? Keep Reading

SMTP Server For Your Salesforce

With the surge of the technological advancement of Cloud Computing, many companies are opting for Salesforce as their chief Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Salesforce has an immense impact on the client-customer relationship. Gone are the days when business proprietors had to invest a huge amount of money and time, to keep their CRM platform up and running.

With the introduction of Salesforce, it is easier to manage the CRM solutions, not just in regard to the installation and set-up at fraction costs, but also at the easy integration of the software with external apps to ensure that the software is utilized to its full potential.

Salesforce is easy to install since the process is essentially turning the idea of CRM into an application, without the wait for long months, necessary otherwise. The money factor also plays a huge part in making it such a mass-appeal software.

However, the concept, while being fairly popular with big companies, is not that well-known for proprietors learning the tricks of the trade. Even disturbing fact is that while Salesforce can be installed and used individually, its full potential of integrating with SMTP servers for a flawless result, is not cultivated by many companies.

So, if you are wondering whether or not to buy an SMTP server for your Salesforce account, take a look at the benefit it offers, to make an informed choice.

Benefits of Buying an SMTP Server With An Integrated Salesforce Account

Salesforce itself has minimized the lengthy time-frame and huge financial support required to keep a CRM functioning to one-tenth of the previous statistics. Integrating that Salesforce account with an SMTP server boosts the benefits to sky-high proportions.

The list has 3 main reasons as to why buying an SMTP server with an integrated Salesforce account can do wonders for your email marketing campaign, and overall customer relationship management solutions.

SMTP Relay Service Helps with Various Centralized Email Functions:

which other generic servers fail to provide such as virus scanning, and company branding. By Integrating your Salesforce account with a trusted SMTP server, like SMTP2GO, you are ensuring additional security level for your emails.

It not only provides security but also safeguards customer privacy in in-house business communications too. Above all, SMTP integrated Salesforce account allows company branding, which entails promoting the company through images and taglines in every email sent, another plus for the owner.

These prominent features are absent when someone runs an email marketing campaign through ECPs and can potentially prove damaging if the documents leak by any chance.

Ability to Archive the Emails For Compliance Regulations:

Another benefit of having an SMTP server integrated account is the ability to archive the emails for compliance regulations. Though Salesforce as a native app doesn’t allow archiving, integrated accounts use the method to ensure overall business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Often, the words backup and archiving are used interchangeably, which is not correct. While back-up is temporary, archiving is for long-term for retention and regulatory compliance necessities. A good SMTP server, like SMTP2GO, ensures regular archiving of emails for documentation and regulatory purposes for their account holders.

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Enable The Company to Have Similar Origin And Destination Address:

The last reason can also be cited as the main one since the success and failure of entire email campaigns can be determined from this single factor. SMTP servers enable the company to have a similar origin and destination address for their emails.

The difference between the origination of an email and its states address can become the reason for which other systems or routers deny your email. It results in DMARC errors subsequent to failed deliveries, which can and has happened numerous times.

SMTP Relay service centralizes the outgoing emails, and tools such as MX, SPF, and DKIM can be leveraged. This process is known as Email Spoofing and it can only be achieved with the help of a dedicated SMTP server.

Which SMTP Service Provider Is Suitable For You?

If you want to integrate your Salesforce account with an SMTP server, the best bet will be SMTP2GO. They have the setup guide specifically for Salesforce to make the process smoother. Their new integration system allows customized authentication method for increased security.

Additional feature users get if they buy SMTP2GO is a limitless number of users who can send emails through their server within your personalized account. Other SMTP servers curate the number to a maximum of 20 users per account, and that too comes at a hefty price of $50 or more per month.

A user can get the benefits of SMTP2GO at zero charges per month too! They can access the trial version and use that for their requirements. All these and more make SMTP2GO the perfect choice for your Salesforce integration.

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