SMTP2GO Becomes a Revered Member of the M3AAWG Assembly

smtp2go now a member of M3AAWG

The Messaging Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working group, commonly known as M3AAWG, has accepted the dedicated email service provider, SMTP2GO as one of its official group members. With SMTP2GO becoming an official member of M3AAWG, the email service will publicly and formally join hands with the malware and anti-abuse platform to address operational issues on an international level, to know more read this updated review on SMTP2GO

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M3AAWG, is an international collaboration of varied industries, who have come together to fight malware, bots, viruses, spams, and other online corruptive practices. SMTP2GO will now address these issues along with M3AAWG for a minimum of 365 days. The affiliation with M3AAWG will now not only ensure the best service for the clients of SMTP2GO but will also protect the online activity of its patrons.

M3AAWG And Its War Against Online Malware And Abuse

The Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working group, as stated above is an association where a diverse number of international industries come together to battle against a number of online corruptions.

The M3AAWG currently comprises of more than 200 members from all over the world. The forum though open is confidential in nature and brings together all its stakeholders under one roof. M3AAWG on its part creates and develops unique and supportive tactics which can be used for opposing online attack and abuse.

The members of M3AAWG incudes telecom corporations, internet service providers, email service providers, social networking platforms, and many more. The association follows a strict rule of confidentiality and provides its members with space to openly discuss online operational abuse issues with its peers.

The organization as whole isolates and targets all old and new forms of online abuse, which threatens the end users. The association addresses abuse on a range of messaging platforms, from emails to texts. Apart from that M3AAWG also looks into spam and other forms of internet and digital malware.

SMTP2GO joins the M3AAWG to stand against online abuse

SMTP2GO is one of the best SMTP servers currently in the market. The SMTP server is widely used by many all over the globe. The dedicated email service considers end user’s safety as its first priority, which is why the company acquired the M3AAWG official membership. As a member of M3AAWG, SMTP2GO will receive access to a number of internal guidelines which will inform the company of the best practices to avoid and block online abuse for its client base.

The M3AAWG white papers which detail the best methods to handle online abuse comes from the collective efforts of all the members of the association. The M3AAWG white paper details include suggestions as well as recommendations related to up gradation of user protection and security of messages. The members of M3AAWG are provided with new information as and when the documents are updated on the platform.

Henceforth, SMTP2GO will now be able to provide its clients with recommendations regarding spam traps, DDoS precautions, password security, user website traffic analysis, authentication types, and many more. The dedicated email service provider considers this membership vitally important as SMTP2GO has a stringent internal review process. All the new user accounts which are opened on the platform are subjected to the review process to ensure consumer safety.

As a result of this strict internal evaluation, all types of phishing or spam activities are isolated and eliminated. Moreover, if the evaluation team discovers an offending account on the SMTP2GO platform, it is suspended immediately to ensure that the other genuine user accounts are protected. With the M3AAWG membership, the SMTP2GO security measures will receive a boost and will consequently be upgraded in accordance with the methods and suggestion provided by the M3AAWG association.

SMTP2GO – the SMTP server to opt for

With digital marketing becoming more of a necessity than a luxury, all businesses keen on growing and maintaining a strong digital presence will need trustworthy, dedicated email service for sending mailers to its client base as well as for internal communication. SMTP2GO is one of the best SMTP servers to buy, as it provides its clients detailed insights about the mailers that are being sent from its platform.

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SMTP2GO offers in-depth insights as well as visual reports of the emails that are being sent from its account by a particular business. It also enables the users to track sent emails till its last destination, similar to the way one traces a parcel shipment.

Apart from these services, SMTP2GO also provides robust testing for the sent email where the organization can test the mailers alongside major spam filters to judge how they come up in key email providing services. Other than providing effective email delivery, SMTP2GO also helps its clients avoid blacklisting and being redirected to spam folders of the end user. Thus, in case one decides to choose an SMTP server, the SMTP2GO is the best SMTP server to opt for.

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