Can’t Send Emails When Abroad? Use SMTP2GO

Can't Send Emails When Abroad

Imagine a hypothetical situation where you are a business owner who has to travel around a lot. You have opted to promote your business through emails, which means you also have to send and exchange a lot of emails.

But what if Can’t Send Emails When Abroad? A lot of times, when you are out of your home location, your ISP or internet service provider restricts you from sending even normal emails, let alone bulk emails like your email marketing campaign demands. What are you going to do then?

You don’t have to worry anymore! The solution is pretty simple. Switch to a dedicated email service provider, like SMTP2GO and save yourselves from the hassle of undelivered emails. SMTP2GO is the Best SMTP server in the current market which offers a host of dedicated features and provisions to their consumers, enabling them to conduct their email marketing campaign competently and with extreme ease.

Issues like restricted number of emails per sender account and undelivered emails become non-existent with SMTP mail server. Even if you are a globetrotter, your email marketing campaign will not get hindered by different location restricting you from sending emails.  Let’s find out how it is going to help you with sending emails while traveling.

What Causes Undelivered Emails While You are Traveling?

There can be many reasons why you cannot send emails while traveling, the major being the problem with authentication. When you are at your home location, you are connected to your ISP service provider. The relay service your ISP service provider uses to send emails is automatically connected to your IP address. This scenario changes when you move away from your set location. ISP providers refuse to grant access to unknown IP address to send emails, more so if it is in bulk, for security reasons. How can these issues be solved?

Solution For All Email Related Problems While Travelling, SMTP2GO!

This issue is solved easily when you are using SMTP2GO to send your emails. SMTP2GO uses the simple mail relay transfer method, which means when you send an email, it gets delivered to the dedicated overhead server assigned to your ISP. From there, it is relayed to the overhead server which acts like one giant mailbox.

The final step is taken from there, where the email is delivered to its designated IP address. Since the email first is sent to your dedicated server, then relayed to the overhead one, there is no chance for it to get rejected on the basis of authentication.

SMTP2GO goes a step ahead and allows you to see your email activities after you have clicked ‘send’ and till the time it reaches its destination, on your account dashboard. You can be aware of your email campaign performance even if you are continents away from your home location.

Bonus Features of SMTP2GO

To ensure that every consumer gets an edgy chance for success with their email marketing campaign, SMTP2GO thrives to introduce new features. The latest one in the line is email testing, which enables users to screen their emails as it is to be in their client’s inbox. The preview allows them to modify and change the emails according to the set standards, and also prevent them from ending up in the Spam Inbox.

SMTP2GO, The Best SMTP Server for All Your Email Needs, Even While Travelling!

Email marketing campaigns are an important part of digital marketing in today’s world, and traveling should not put a damper on it. Using SMTP2GO will not only help you send your emails without a hitch but also saves you from ending up in the promotions tab or worse, the Spam Inbox. It also ensures that you are protected from any threat of hacking. It is absolutely the best email provider package you can get for a successful marketing campaign!

Can't Send Emails When Abroad