How To Design Emails For Email Marketing in 2019

How to Design Emails

Today’s generation relies heavily on emails for almost every type of promotional communications, be it from your grocer giving you a 6 percent discount on all frozen goods or your local charity asking for a donation to provide homeless people with free medical-kit. Emails are the first and foremost method employed by any service provider to inform about account creations, change of a password or simple updates on their privacy policy.

So it is natural that the emails are formatted to be crisp and to-the-point. An email campaign is a necessary part of digital marketing. To ensure that your emails are performing their intended task you have to make sure the design is worth spending time on. So if you are looking how to design email for your email marketing this guide is for you.

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8 Quick Ways to Design Emails for Attractive Marketing:

Keep it Simple:

The first rule of sending transactional emails is that the content should be created keeping the audience in mind. Be it a promotional email or a fundraiser one your email should have the ability to convey your intention to your audience perfectly.

Sloppy emails which are confusing to understand often gets marked as spam. Lengthy emails cannot hold the attention of the fickle-minded generations for long. So to ensure that the conversion rate of a potential customer is high you need to keep your emails curtailed to be on point.

Utilize The Content Advantage:

Emails are a great medium to connect with your audience one on one. It is a great opportunity to market your product to your liking to gain interest. Utilize this opportunity expertly. For example, mention products belonging to a similar price range in a feedback form they can browse on your website. Keep in mind that content holds the key to successful conversion.

Design The Emails To Appeal Your Audience’s Aesthetic Sense Accordingly

You must have noticed that most of the transactional emails lack character. The standard white background works for a professional image, but it doesn’t quite measure up when you are sending a buy one get one offer email. You need to design your email in such a way that when your audience receives it, they are enthused to give the email a more than a fleeting look.

Do Not Get Side-tracked While Sending A Business Email

Business email means just what the name suggests, an email to promote business and create profit in the form of conversion from a potential customer to a current one. To ensure such action is taken keep your email strictly to the point.

Your audience will not be patient enough to read a blog in your email, ensure it is not one. Insert link to your blog post or website if you want to provide additional information.

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The Color Psychology

Colors are not just visually appealing. They are pretty influential to the psyche too. Using the color palette to bring out the positive-action taking side of your audience is another example of how to design attractive emails. Keep this in mind while making the call-to-action tab.

Colors like red and orange get more conversion than plain white or other colors. But don’t overdo it. You want your audience to read the emails, not give them a gaudy email induced headache.

Use Images To Emphasize The Topic Of The Day

A plain email is good and practical, but when you are sending out promotional emails, including an image or two would capture the attention of your audience more efficiently. Do not bombard the receiver with too many images, keep it relevant.

Ensure that the image is not in the header unless it is your brand logo. Giving your audience a visual supplement support your business’s genuineness. Use the images wisely.

Keep The Emails Brand-centric

You have 20 seconds of undivided attention of your subscriber when you are sending out an email, even if it is a password-reset one. It should promote your brand all the way. Use your brand’s logo, your brand specific colors, and icons to drive home your point.

Use Space Liberally

Don’t forget to add breaks in your content by using whitespace. Whitespace will give your email the necessary spacious and to-the-point feeling, overall making it look important and visually attractive to the receiver.

The Final Word

I hope you got a bunch of on how to design emails for your attractive email marketing now. Please write content carefully, keep it to the point and giving your email character, playing up with the color palette to make your emails visually attractive, emphasizing on your brand with logo, brand-specific colors and icons will help your email look more attractive and appealing.

The final advice is that it is a business emailer, ensure it doesn’t look like an art project. Knowing when to use the tools where is the most important aspect. Use your creativity in keeping the subject and topic as the guiding hand.

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