The Importance Of SMTP Servers In Email Marketing

Importance of SMTP Server

Email marketing has evolved from simply being a way to keep people updated regarding different promotional offers to a full-blown marketing and salesforce campaign. It is considered to be one of the most important marketing tools in this digital generation.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is small in size or it has multiple locations worldwide, to reach out to the loyal customer base you need to keep them connected with your company name. Email marketing is very useful when it comes to creating customer loyalty, with your product and services simply being visible enough.

It is best to conduct an email marketing campaign with the help of SMTP servers since it provides with the necessary resource required for the same purpose. So the importance of the SMTP server in email marketing is undescribed.

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importance of smtp

The Importance of SMTP Servers Is Numerous. Some of Them Are as Follows.

To Conduct Email Marketing in a Smooth Way:

It is important to have the flow of email transactions uninterrupted. Bounce back rate of emails should be nil. Any break in the email chain would cause a butterfly effect, resulting in severe setbacks to not only the particular promotion but to the later campaigns too.

Hence it is of utmost urgency that the server which handles the account of the particular business has enough space to conduct the transactions without any interruptions. Normal web host servers often fail to provide such amenities since they do not have a definite space for separate accounts and treat business and personal emails in a similar manner. SMTP server ensures that your business emails are the priority.

You can send as many emails as you want in a single day simultaneously without any one of the emails bouncing back.

SMTP Server Often Provides Email Salesforce Option With a Built-in Unsubscribe Link:

Customers sometimes are unhappy with the number of promotional emails they get during a day, and if they cannot unsubscribe from a particular campaign, they tend to mark the email as spam. Companies lose their customer trust if such an action occurs.

Not only that, but they also get punished by all the major trust engines and their domain name gets blacklisted.  Blacklisting a company’s domain name results in it going down on the ranking pages, making it less relevant during Google searches despite having a good SEO.

SMTP servers nip the problem in the bud. It provides the users with an inbuilt unsubscribe link. If the customer wishes, they can simply opt for unsubscribing instead of spam marking an email marketing strategy.

SMTP Servers Prevent Hacking:

In a shared web host server, the privacy of an account is often not guarded enough. Accounts get compromised simply because of the lack of dedicated space, making the account details easy to hack. Hacking is dangerous because the sensitive information, being in the wrong hands with no noble intention, can create chaos.

Not to mention, financial details can also be obtained by hacking, resulting in economic setbacks. All of these can be prevented by simply switching the server from a shared web server to a dedicated one.

On a side note, a dedicated server is not only beneficial for business emails, but also personal ones. Sensitive personal information doesn’t get divulged as a result of hacking. A bonus for account holders who use SMTP servers for individual emails.

An Effective Way to Spread Out the Promotional Message

via sending emails to potential customers in bulk. Only a few businesses can afford to spend thousands in promotions, no matter how big or small it is. Shelling out big money over tools to help marketing campaigns is also not possible for smaller businesses.

Their one-shot of a fair chance at the competition is mass email marketing at a lower cost.  Email marketing campaigns provide them with that opportunity. It is henceforth necessary to employ tactics and tools which would ensure a continuous progression in the marketing campaign.

SMTP server is built to handle such expectations. It not only dedicates space to its user’s but also customizes the features keeping the user’s requirement as a priority.

It is safe to say that the SMTP server is an important part of an email marketing campaign. One such excellent SMTP server is SMTP2GO, which is a rapidly growing name in the field of dedicated email service providers. Many individuals have used and vouched for its reliability, faster way to deliver emails, and its cheaper price than most of the email servers available in the market.I think now you have a clear idea about importance of SMTP.

SMTP2GO provides its user with various customizable features including the ability to track emails to their destination real-time. You can check your email activities, keep the sending address restricted to one sender per account, and check for bounce back rate and spam records on your dashboard. SMTP2GO is also one of the few servers which let you configure your API in multiple languages, making it easy to operate software even for non-technical people.

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