5 Best Tips for Email Marketing During This Holiday Season

Tips For Email Marketing

It is that time of year again when everyone is out buying something or the other because it’s the holiday season. With Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year fast approaching, it is time to promote your brand to a wider audience with holiday marketing.

And the most effective channel to do so is undoubtedly email campaign. Email marketing campaigns constitute of almost 40 percent of all digital marketing strategies. Which is why promoting your brand through this particular network should be your no.1 priority.So you need more tips for email marketing that can help your campaign more successful.

There are some general rules of thumb you should follow if you want a successful email marketing campaign. Some are very easy to follow. Some might take a bit of deliberate planning. In the end, however, a successful marketing campaign will help you gain new consumers, as well as give you an opportunity to re-connect with the old ones.

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5 simple tips For Email marketing that will make your campaign more success.

  • Categorize Your Active and Inactive Users Differently

Before plunging all the way into the deep-end of email marketing, segment your subscribers into active and inactive ones. This will help you with increased revenue according to DMA. It will also clue you into how to approach your audience.

A simple Welcome Back or We Missed You message triggers positive emotions which turns into actions. Once you cover this base, engage in deeper segmentation. Promotions based on age, gender, purchase activity will go a long way in re-engaging your inactive users.

  • Personalize Your Promotion

You need to keep in mind that, with a diverse audience, comes varied preferences. For a successful email campaign, you need to personalize your promotions based on your consumer’s age, gender, location, browsing history, and purchasing habits.

It will be fruitless to market winter wears to someone who lives in Dubai.  Similarly, few people seek only discounted price. It will be beneficial for your brand if you can promote end-of-year sales or similar content to those people. Personalization is the key to a fruitful campaign.

  • Try To Get Back Your Inactive Subscribers

The holiday season is a good time to try and get back subscribers who have been inactive for some time. But don’t dive head-fast into it. Slowly amp up the approach, otherwise there is a possibility of getting blacklisted.

Start the campaign with a greeting such as ‘You have been missed’ and then proceed to promote your brand. One thing to keep strictly in mind is that the subscriber is within the time-frame of permissions stated by various consumer laws. Once you have crossed that particular hurdle, build up your promotion game and start sending marketing emails.

  • Not a One-time Stint. Re-email

Sometimes it is a real possibility that even after being delivered, the email was not read or there was no reply or any kind of activity from the subscriber’s end. After the requisite time of 6 to 8 hours send another email with a different subject time. Studies have shown that users check the emails once in a day, albeit sometimes later at a more convenient time.

  • Optimize Your Email

Perhaps the most important rule of thumb, do not forget to optimize your emails for mobile responsivity. It is common knowledge that more and more users tend to perform any kind of Internet-related activity on their smartphones.

Emails are no different. MovableInk’s Consumer Device Preference Report states that statistically, smartphones lead the race with 73 percent of all emails are opened and read in it, as opposed to a mere 27 percent when it comes to laptops or desktops. Ensure your emails are mobile responsive to get a more positive response.

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Final Verdict: 

Everything said and done, these tips will work for you in a better way if you handle your email marketing campaigns through a dedicated SMTP server. It does not only give you the freedom to send bulk emails so that you can reach numerous subscribers at the same time but also provides real-time analytics of your email activities on your account dashboard.

A good example is SMTP2GO, which is the world’s leading SMTP email service provider. It is worldwide scalable and has a near zero rate of bounced back or undelivered emails. It is also 100 percent secure, which means that any sensitive information cannot be hacked or leaked.

The super bonus point of this particular service provider is that it returns back the entire amount if you are not happy with its services and want to return it within 60-days. The best deal you can get to start planning your winning email marketing strategy.

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