5 Quick Tips To Ensure Your Emails Are Not Sent To The Promotions Tab

avoid promotions emails going to promotions tabMost of the businesses opt for email marketing campaigns as their main digital marketing strategy to promote their brand. The problem is, emails which appear to be promotional in nature, ends up in the ‘Promotions’ tab instead of the main inbox.

No matter how different the email structure is, or how important the email is, the receiver often misses them since fewer people bother looking up at their promotion tab after checking their primary inbox.  This is a very disappointing situation for business owners since they lose out a chunk of their primary audience because of this fallacy. But one does not have to worry anymore.

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By following these few simple steps, they can ensure that their emails land up in the main inbox, giving them a chance to increase their customer base.

  • Avoid The Obvious – Customize The Emailer From Looking Like A Promotional Email

A very glaring fact that business owners often miss out on when sending emails is the lack of personalization. Google Algorithm (the internet ‘nanny’ because of which the emails are landing up in the Promotions Tab in the first place) categorizes emails by the first name basis.

Which simply means, any email which lacks the greeting included in the personal ones are getting dumped in the Promotions tab. To avoid this situation, customize the emails. Greet the recipient by a first name basis and keep the language of the email friendly.

  • Limit The Numbers Of External Links

To promote a certain website, object, blog, or even a person, email marketing campaigns often includes external links to make a better statement, not to mention creating white-hat links increases the chance of better SEO hostings.

The problem is, business owners sometimes overdo with the links, which again, the internet “nanny” views as promotional emails (hence back to the promotions tab zone).  The solution to this problem is limiting the number of external links in an email. Two to three external link is ok while increasing the number will ensure that an email never reaches the main inbox of the recipient.

  • Don’t Lade Your Emails With Heavy Images

To avoid making the destination of the emails the dreaded Promotions tab permanently, one should desist from the use of heavy images. The same rule applies here too as the external links one. Minimum use of the image in an email ensures that it looks like a professional or personal email, not one brought out straight from the email churning factory.

One has to remember, the Google Algorithm crawls every email to ensure it is not cramming up a user’s main inbox, and its decision is solely based upon factors which repeat itself in every email. Hence, maintaining caution while designing emails are of utmost importance.

  • The Crux Of The Matter – The Unsubscribe Link

Here lies the problem when it comes to business emailers. The Unsubscribe link is a part and parcel of any business email marketing campaign, hence it cannot be removed. However, having an unsubscribe link in any email screams ‘Promotions’.

It is a cache 22 situation, which unfortunately has no definite solution. The only way a business owner can get away from making their emails look like a promotional one while still having the unsubscribe link is by placing the link at the bottom of the email and using a very small font for it.

  • Use Tools Which Ensures the Emails Are Not Viewed As Promotional Ones

There is a loophole in every situation. This one also has a way to get out from the Promotions tab. There are a number of tools available online to ensure the emails doesn’t suffer the fate of landing up in the zone.

For example, The Litmus tool, The Avoid Promotions Tab Checklist, and much more. Use of these tools gives a sender a high chance of avoiding from landing their newsletters in the secondary tab.

There is a worrisome factor which works here though. Even when one applies all the techniques to avoid the promotions tab, unfortunately, the machines can detect factors which humans miss out most of the time.

The header of an email is one such factor which has a certain markup when sending from an ESP (Email Service Provider). Another one is the dissimilarity between the to and from address. Google Algorithm can pick up the confusion between the two and marks it as a promotional email.

To avoid these very fine factors it is advisable to use SMTP2GO as the ESP. SMTP2GO ensures the headers do not include X-Mailers, X-Campaign, or X-Report Abuse markup in your email. It also provides the sender with its own domain name, enabling the ‘to and from’ address to remain the same, thus avoiding the generalization done by the internet ‘nanny’.

Final Verdict:

The business owners should try and design their emails in such a way that it looks like a friendly email and not a promotional one. Avoiding heavy use of the link, images, and promotional words will also work in their favor. And if one needs help with their email marketing from getting dumped in the promotions tab, one should simply use SMTP2GO. It customizes the emails from landing up on the promotions tab.

SMTP2GO is proved to prevent emails from entering the promotions tab. It is one of the plus points of SMTP2GO. Know Why SMTP2GO is the best SMTP server for email camping here.

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