Why SMTP Server?


What is SMTP Server SMTP, the acronym for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol consists of communication guidelines, allowing software the transmitting of email on the Internet. Email software is designed for use of SMTP to send email and works for sending of emails only. When you set up an email program, you are requested to provide the Internet Service Provider’s SMTP server address for outgoing mail. Different protocols are used for storing and retrieval of email. There is a huge amount of SMTP servers available to choose from and if you are unsure which server to make use of, your internet service Provider can be of assistance. Many SMTP servers operate without username and password authentication and you can access it via default SMTP port 25. Function of SMTP Server SMTP provides the set of codes, which simplify communication of outgoing email messages between servers. You can explain it as a type of shorthand, which allows servers to break messages into different parts and categories, enabling other servers to read and understand it. Any email message must have a sender and recipient and often multiple recipients, a title heading as well as the message body. A user only sees the slick interface of the email software they use, but the second the message leaves and goes onto the Internet, it turns into strings of text. Each section of the message that is broken up, are separated by codes, which identify each sections purpose. The main function of SMTP is to provide those codes to the email server software, which in turn is designed to decipher those codes and understand their meaning. Setting up communication rules are another function of SMTP server. A server identifies itself and announces the type of communication it wishes to perform. The advantage of SMTP Server The greatest strength and advantage of SMTP server are its simplicity and reliability. The software using SMTP communication rules are easily set up and get the job done. You know the sent messages will reach its destination and if the recipient cannot be reached, the error message explains why it could not be delivered. The SMTP server identifies itself to other server and announces what it wants to perform. The recipient server authorises the operation and the SMTP server sends the message. Using an SMTP server is much faster and with SMTP authentication spam messages are eliminated.

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