SMTP2Go for Your Business

“SMTP2Go Corporate is a Worldwide Best SMTP mail server that offer perfect solutions to send emails for businesses, hotels and internet cafe.”

Sending email is important for small and medium businessesEmail is the key need for small and medium businesses to connect with the partners, suppliers and vendors to exchange transactions, order information and other critical needs to stay on top of the daily business. They will not be able to spend big budget or investments for having a dedicated email setup on their own or can live with the mail limits set by their ISPs. It is an expensive option to choose mail upgrade plans with ISP.

Small businesses need a smarter and pay per usage email server that sends emails for their business transactions. They need a hassle free mail sending service that works anywhere anytime without hurting their pockets.

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SMTP2Go corporate has the two categories,

          A) Small and Medium businesses

          B) Hotels/Internet cafe

A) SMTP2Go For Businesses

SMTP2Go Corporate offer perfect solutions for you

SMTP2Go corporate plan comes to rescue of small and medium businesses.                

SMTP2Go corporate is designed with small and medium business owners offering more value for their money.

You can send emails from anywhere in the globe from the accounts like Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple and other mailing list software. It is a hassle free service that can work smartly over various ISPs across different countries.

The setup takes only couple of minutes.

SMTP2Go -Best SMTP mail server- operates on four different ports (25, 2525, 8025 and 587) to offer reliable sending email.

SMTP2Go Corporate offer perfect solutions for your businesses

SMTP2Go is the worldwide SMTP relay service that has a strong customer base with more than 35,000 customers across 100countries.

Our technology backbone is in par with leasing ISP’s infrastructure.

SMTP2Go is hosted on world class services on RackSpace and ServInt. The servers are on two physical sites in Dallas and  Washington DC  operated over a highly stable, reliable and scalable Exim Mail platform running on Linux. There is zero downtime for this service.

SMTP2Go has the feedback service with popular email providers like Hotmail, AOL to monitor blacklists and maintain the reputation of the server to the highest level.

SMTP2Go is the reliable best SMTP service provider that offers both normal and secure channel for mail communication. You can choose secure or normal communication layer based on your business security requirements.

Mailing list facility is available with strict policies on opt-in, opt-out, and up-to-date mailing list validation.

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B) SMTP2Go For Hotels/Internet Cafe

For hotels, managed apartments and other accommodation, there are two models available.

SMTP2Go Corporate offer perfect solutions for businesses, hotels and internet cafe1) Transparent access where guests can directly subscribe to SMTP2Go

2) Revenue share model by which the guests are provided with 1000 email/month free access and they can extend it based on their preference. If the guest extends the package, the hotel gets a share of the revenue.

For internet cafe, plans are available on partnership model with SMTP2Go smtp service to offer free services to the cafe visitors.

Flexible Rate Plans for Corporate Usage:

SMTP2Go -Outgoing SMTP Mail Server- is an excellent, compelling hosted email solution provider and a natural partner for small & medium businesses, hotels and internet cafe. The flexible rate plans would suit the budget and also offer high value for your reliable sending email  needs.

There are six flexible rate plans for corporate usage. You can pick and choose the plan based on your email volume needs.

There is a 60 day period of fair access policy with 100% money guarantee.

  20,000 emails per month –       $14 per month

  100,000 emails per month –       $69 per month

  300,000 emails per month –    $199 per month

and more…