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What is SMTP and why is it so important? “SMTP” means Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. What it means to the user is that it allows versatility in sending single e-mails or mass e-mails efficiently and safely. While it can’t prevent all anonymous spam from being sent, it allows for sophisticated filtering of e-mail, including virus scanning and protection. SMTP helps decipher spam and quarantine suspect e-mail and is the alternative to the open mail relay method that leaves you vulnerable. Any cheap SMTP relay service will accomplish this, you decide for yourself which is the best SMTP server for you.

Best smtp server


How to find the best SMTP server-what you must know. When you buy SMTP service, you essentially buy an SMTP server. The cheapest Hyundai is still an automobile, but so is a Cadillac. If you could pick either one, which would it be? The differences between cheap between SMTP relay services is not quite as simple. Before you buy an SMTP server, you need to be sure it will always connect you to employees at remote locations and folks with different operating systems, different versions of Windows and so forth.

SMTP2GO offers more than other SMTPs-that’s why it regarded as the best SMTP server. Call it a Johnny-come-lately or whatever else you want, but SMTP2GO has quickly become the SMTP of choice for businesses in the global marketplace. Though competitively priced, it’s not price that makes SMTP2GO the better cheap SMTP relay service. It’s about versatility-the one “commodity” everyone needs more of in order to keep in touch with clients, vendors and other associates. No client is tolerant of communication mishap, and that’s why you can’t afford to be without the best SMTP server-the one that fills every potential gap in e-mail communication.

Why has SMTP2GO become the best choice? SMTP2GO operates on a cloud and works anywhere in the world. It can convert any home windows platform into the best SMTP server. It will work from one portable computer or a whole network of servers and does bulk e-mail through secure channels with no compromise in speed. It also works from any computing device-with SMTP2GO there is no worrying whether you have an iPhone, a desk top verses a lap top or PC verses a MAC. You can be in Minsk or Michigan, and your emails will get where they needs to go without compromise.

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