The Understanding and Setup SMTP Server

how smtp server works

how smtp server works

The short form SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, the process behind the email flow on the internet.

Do you know what will happen when you send an email? The procedure of delivering an email is quite similar to classical email. A structured system takes care of your cover and through a chain of steps it reaches it off to your recipient.

In this process, the SMTP server is basically a computer running SMTP, and it will act similar like the postman. Once the emails have been picked up they have been sent to this server, which is responsible for delivering emails to their recipients. Setup SMTP server is also reliable and easy to do it.


Setup SMTP Server and Workflow

  • You will send an email from your address which will look like to another recipient (for instance, using your webmail or mail client interface. Simply the webmail or any other mail client is called Message User Agent or MUA.
  • SMTP server basically will receive email via port 25 (as said earlier for example it will be provided to your client when you are ready to set it up and it will act as a Message Transfer Agent or MTA. Now Server and client will read, have a brief “conversation” will checks all the data according to the email transmission (domains, recipient, sender etc,). Moreover SMTP won’t check or read the body content of the email and it defines only the email transmission.
  • Email will be delivered instantly or immediately, in case your recipient’s domain (where he/she has the account) is directly connected to the server. If not, email will be send to another nearer incoming server by SMTP server (these emails are called relays). If everything is going on right track, web server connects with domain and it receives the email and store it.
  • What will happen in case server is busy or down? Email will be drooped to backup server by SMTP. In case no server is available for back up, message is queued and it will be tried to deliver periodically. After a predefine time of tries, email will be returned as undelivered.
  • The final step will be handled by POP, which will pick email from the receiving server and drops into receiver’s Inbox.

It must be highlighted, however, that the SMTP servers utilized when you send your “typical messages” – e.g. the ones related to providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hot Mail – are shared among clients and they depend on IPs which are not dedicated. Which implies that you could wind up depending on an IP that is likewise utilized by a spammer: an actuality that will contrarily influence the right conveyance of your messages? Likewise, regular providers build up some strict cutoff points on the quantity of messages you can send (e.g. Yahoo’s confinement is 100 emails for every hour).
Setup SMTP Server by which you can send bulk emails and you can setup multiple email campaigns. Use some best SMTP service providers like SMTP2GO. This will avoid all mentioned problem before and guarantees the IP control.

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