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The predominant distinction in the process of emailing on the go and doing it indoor is just chalk and cheese. As the internet system has emerged with a full vibe in daily lives of the people, we cannot even think the communication process without internet. Emailing server SMTP has surfaced in this very need, which enables people to send bulk mails within a second. There are several cheap SMTP server are available that anyone can use to get benefitted in the process.

The curiosity of the common people to know the details of technicality has actually led them to use the internet facility more conveniently. At earlier stage, these machineries are basically used for making difficult computation, but with a gradual development in the technical sector, these all have become one of the best platforms for enabling the mass to communicate between each other, in spite of having a good distance between the places. It’s really bliss to have cheap SMTP server that has transformed the communication process so much convenient and also broadly effective. If you also like to have this experience, availing this SMTP mailing server would the best way indeed.

cheap SMTP server

For a frequent user who generally use SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol for the purpose of emailing, it quite enough to be properly aware of the fact that these flairs allow you to send and also receive various electronic mails. But some people are very much curious to know about the series of steps that the server actually follows in making the delivery of the mail in a proper way. To quench the thirst of obtaining proper knowledge about the several aspect of mailing server SMTP and to help the administrator manage the functioning of the server in a right way, the process to check and also manually test the server has been distinctly mentioned in the following details:  

In a precise way, SMTP server is basically considered as the telnet over main TCP port 25 rather than the port number 22. Based on this very fact, six steps should be followed to test emailing server mentioned in following:

  • Connect: To connect, at the run dialog, one can easily use the telnet program, where they must ensure specifying cheap SMTP server port. It can be specified as telnet mailserver.com 25.
  • Handshake: In this very field, one need to specify the address of the host. In this very case, you can type any pertinent or irrelevant detailing, but if the mailing server, with which you are continually trying to connect, has all spam filtration, it is possibly the invalid data.   
  • Identify the sender: While in spam filtration, the main recipient SMTP would surely want the address you have already specified in the proper way from text box during the process of handshake should resolve to the same IP address as in the domain listed during handshake step.
  • Recognize recipient: You must be careful about one matter and that is to begin a session with a server specified in discussed step. Still there are some cheap SMTP server alternatives, but one has to be careful before using these.
  • Offering a message body: This is an important step that enables people to type some relevant keyword and proper data along with all other text messages and finally click enter according to the instruction providers by any available cheap SMTP server.
  • End the complete session: Typing quit will finish the whole SMTP service procedure.

Mark Lee is dedicatedly working for SMTP server. In his blogs and articles he has described several related process of using cheap SMTP server and more.

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