Spam Emails are Not a Worry Now


We know that emails are the great choice of communication for businesses. Particularly in the case of email marketing, businesses need to send bulk messages to their customers. The free email sending server does not support sending of bulk emails.

An email sent a few times from server, after a few ones reaching the inbox of different customers, will reach in the spam box of the later customers. This makes a business unreliable and unprofessional.

With SMTP2GO don’t worry about spam emails, Attractive features of smtp2go email delivery serverWhen SMTP was first introduced in 1981 or 1982, the internet was small and rather a slow affair. Spam emails didn’t emerge until the late 1970s and it was not a concern for the internet users before 1980s. In this context, at the earlier days, SMTP was created simple-mindedly.

The turn of the millennium saw a huge change in numbers, i.e. the number of people using the internet. The use of internet resulted in more and more use of emails as a communication medium between two people or businesses and consumers.

Spam emails brought into light a trouble inherent in the SMTP which focused email transfer at the expense of controlling the content of a message or authenticating source of messages. SMTP has been built with trust, easy to use and it is well equipped to resist spam messages.


SMTP Server fights spam

The latest spam technologies have posed an obvious and pressing challenge to SMTP, calling for some or the other form of what can be termed as email authentication. One of the restrictions of SMTP contained in its incapability is to authenticate the origin if an email message reliably.

Though under TCP, the recipient verifies the IP address of the sender automatically through IP registry lookup, the TCP attempts no provision for authenticating the author of the email message and information of sender present in the header section of the message.

Hence the information becomes easy for the spammers to forge. A large number of fake emails from banks and other institutions in your mailbox will give you a good illustration of spoofing. The IP addresses appearing in email headers hence cannot identify the provenance reliably.

Authentication of email reduces SMTP spam

The SMTP-AUTH has been introduced much later in the SMTP server to verify the emails and for the control of spam. The client of the SMTP server needs to login to the SMTP server before sending an email to the receiver. This login helps in authenticating and verifying the client and messages.

When running a business, an important email going to the spam box is a huge loss, as the receiver might not open or check his/ her spam box ever. Hence the right delivery of email in an inbox is vital. And for this, Cheap SMTP server with the added SMTP-AUTH can be apt.

SMTP2Go is capable of serving the purpose for a large number of entrepreneurs around the world without the hassle of emails going to the spam box of the receiver.

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