SMTP2Go for Hotels and Internet Cafe


If you have a hotel or an internet cafe, SMTP2Go prodives excellent solutions. Hotels can provide their customers a free SMTP service during their accomadation so that they can send and receive their emails. Internet cafe owners can supply cost-free SMTP mail service when their clients are travelling.

SMTP2Go Hotel Service

We give the facility to offer an effificient mail service to the visitors of outlet accomadations such as hotel motel, managed apartments  your resort, resort, managed homes in order to send and receice their emails.

SMTP2Go has two choices of plans to hotels:

SMTP Mail Service for Hotels and Internet Cafe

Transparent: A totally transparent SMTP solution for visitors. This plan needs a simple modification to the configuration of the Internet enrance  that supplies hotel guests’ internet access.

Revenue-share: The second solution that SMTP2Go -best SMTP server- provide includes visitors getting an email, welcoming them to the SMTP assistance when they have sent their firs email with smtp hosts. Accommadations advise their visitors to modify their SMTP hosting server to SMTP2Go in order to be able to submit their emails. Also, visitors are able to use SMTP2Go the best SMTP server for up to a week even after they leave the hotel. This choice is provided no paid services by hotels.

Accommodations advise their visitors to modify their SMTP hosting server to SMTP2Go to be able to deliver messages.

SMTP2Go Free Internet Cafe Partnership

We offer a perfect facility for Internet cafe owners to make an extra income stream, while also enhancing service with SMTP service for their customers with laptop or tablet computers. Not being able to send email when they are travelling is a perevalent problem for laptop users. We provide solution to this problem and provide internet cafes the chance to earn more income through revenue-sharing partnership.

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