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The problem of not delivering mails arises basically when the SMTP relay service gets down or even stops their functioning. As we know that SMTP server is a particular engine for sending bulk mails messages and the domain also as the proper delivery of the mails depending on the SMTP relay process only. But as this SMTP service get breaks down the mails or messages can not be reached to their proper destination and the un-delivered mails or messages get return back to the inbox. Main reason behind such trouble is the increasing number of the messages or mails sent specially for promotional cause. Basically, the email communication was properly designed for the personal cause and not for any professional purpose, so SMTP relay services are finding the process bit difficult to adapt to send of bulk mails leading to the main problem like not delivering the mails.

In recent days, the maximum mails you are receiving are spasms and people tries to avoid these types of mails. There are such filters that can block these emails at per its possibilities and for this purpose only the service providers can create many anti spasm filters. There are many ways through which you can make some anti spam filtration and also configure those outgoing mails through SMTP relay service as well. This system will surely help you as the anti spam filter that will recognize and also treat them as friends.

SMTP relay serviceIn recent days, email marketing has already become very much popular as it helps the business to reach a wide range of targeted customer with the increasing internet usage. The most important part of e-mail marketing is nothing but sending bulk emails to the client. Sometimes they may set up a non delivery problem that actually means that e mails sent by the particular company are not actually delivered to the right destination. If 5 or even 10 mails are not delivered among so many like thousand then it is quite normal but if around 10 or 20% of the mails remain undelivered to the destination, it is really disturbing and here comes the help of SMTP relay service.

There are some simple rules by which you can easily set up your SMTP relay service in a proper way. The actual purpose of inventing these rules is to check your mails just before they are being delivered to the proper destination. You can also start your outgoing e mails SMTP Server just by using these norms, as they are quite useful when you have to send bulk mails. These norms are as follows:

  • At first get your static IP address from a standing regular internet provider just to correct the SMTP relay services.
  • Configuring reverse or even forwarding DNS solution is very much essential for outgoing email SMTP server.
  • Checking out the blacklist is also very important. Black list are the list of several IP addresses stored in such remote database. They are generally used to block many IP addresses that send spam. If the SMTP relay service not actually performs, you can check out the black list website also.
  • Configuring the SPF is quite important rule but it is optional also. It is helpful in verifying if the IP is allowed to send those mails for the domain.

These rules are quite helpful to solve SMTP relay service and other related problem of SMTP server.

Mark Lee is software professional who use SMTP relay service for email marketing. He has described many tips and benefits of SMTP server in his blogs and write ups.

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