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An SMTP Proxy is a specialized MTA – Mail Transfer Agent working in a similar fashion to other types of proxy servers. It passes SMTP sessions to other Mail Transfer Agents and does not require the typical approach of a MTA, such as storing-and-forward. SMTP proxies when receiving connection, it automatically initiates another SMTP session to its destination MTA. Below two SMTP Proxy lists are just a few of the thousands of Proxies available on the Internet:

SMTP Proxy List
007 Proxy Finder Pro
ProxyShell Anonymous Proxy List Surfing
Proxy Finder Pro
Live Proxy Server Finder
Proxy Scanner Server
Proxy Finder
Eproxy proxy Server
Free SMTP Proxy List
OOPS Proxy Server
Middleman filtering proxy server
NTLM Authorization Proxy Server
Lssrv secure proxy server
EmailProxy Server
Shweby Proxy Server
Smtp Proxy Server as virus/spam filter
Anonymous Proxy List Verifier

What is a SMTP Proxy Server?

The SMTP Proxy server debugs the SMTP server and a very useful utility in debugging problems you experience with an email server. The SMTP proxy server will inform you of the following:

The sender of the emails sent,

Everyone sending any emails to the server,
The recipients of the emails,
You will be informed if your SMTP server accepted the email.
Setting up a free or paid SMTP proxy allowing it to see all the traffic, you will also see whether your emails go through correctly. It is a great utility for anti-spam and junk mail as well.

The SMTP proxy intercepts the ingoing and outgoing traffic on your server and displays it on your screen and you can view live communication between the outgoing and incoming mail. You also have the ability to extract the SMTP conversation between the servers for particular email. It also shows you the duration of particular connections, plus much more.

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