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Individuals wanting to replace their Internet Service Providers SMTP server can do so by downloading their preferred SMTP server software. All that is needed is the download of the SMTP server software and changing the original address of the previously installed SMTP server.
There are several aspects to keep in mind when looking for third party server software. SMTP mail server software working across all operating systems is preferable and it has its advantages. Features such as anti-spam and authentication capabilities are other important aspects to keep in mind when searching for the best SMTP server software for you.
Advantages of SMTP Server Software
• No dependence on Internet service provider’s server availability
• Faster message delivery
• Increased message privacy
• Maximum flexibility in sending process
Best SMTP Server Software
Although there is hundreds of SMTP server software available on the Internet, the following are some of the best available:
• Postcast Server Professional
• SurgeMail
• Mailenable
• Ipswitch IMail Server
• Eudora Internet Mail Server 3.3
• FirstClass
Free SMTP Servers Providers
• hMailserver
• GMail SMTP
• Postcast Server Free
• SMTPmail 0.7.2
• Yahoo SMTP Server Provider
• Postfix SMTP Server Provider
• MDaemon Freeware Mail Server
• G-Lock EasyMail

Both the professional and free SMTP server providers listed here are a mere drop in the bucket as there is a long list available. Although several Internet Service Providers do not allow the use of your own outgoing SMTP server, it is something you find out from your individual ISP. Public open source email services such as Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail use their individual outgoing mail servers. Email hosted on your own website however allows you to use either your host’s mail server or your own preference.
Standard internet service providers often do not provide efficient SMTP server hence the need of third party server software. SMTP server software treats emails in different ways and in accordance to reputability of the SMTP servers, blacklists, and white lists. Often random IP addresses are used and these IP addresses are blacklisted, causing the user major problems in the sending of emails.
The worst aspect of blacklisting is the fact that you may not even be aware of the problem and you will be none the wiser if your emails reach their destination or not. Travelers especially benefit with the use of their own SMTP Server Software, as they do not need to change their SMTP setting when using different internet connections.

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