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As we said before SMTP mail servers are strong vehicles for email users who uses them for their work. When emails are a part of your work, the signifance of them become bigger than the usual internet or email users. 

Especially, when you are travelling or outside of your office, your email can may be suspended or cannot be sent if your outgoing SMTP server has a problem such as overloading. The main reason of it is that the devices or locations that you have changed when you are travelling, your email cannot seen by SMTP relay server.  Another reason is PDA or iphone as many free SMTP services and some paid SMTP mail services cannot hand those devices correctly and directly. 

Another bussiness issue of SMTP is attachment that you attach your email. Lots of SMTP mail services limit attachment size, so this size cannot be large enough to respond your need. But SMTP2Go mail server supplies a large attachment capacity to its users. 

Differences Between SMTP2Go and Others

SMTP2Go for Business

Imagine that you are away from your office and you need to send an important  email but your email service sucks, in this situation the only thing that you need a reliable email service.

SMTP2Go, the best SMTP server is a cheap but efficient solution for those travelling so much and using emails for their works. SMTP2Go provides useful solutions even whereever you are in the World. Because of this it is one of the most reliable worldwide SMTP relay server. 

There are lots of differences between SMTP2Go and the other email services.These are following.

Powerful Connections: SMTP2Go’s claim is “ Whenever and wherever you are, you can send your email works succesful thanks to SMTP2Go” This means that SMTP2Go has a big self confidence. You can see that it is not aggravated when you start using it. 

Convenience:  Certainly, the service is very practical and suitable, especially when you usually change your email system.

Low Price & Free Trial: The price plan of SMTP2Go for medium & large business  starts from only $9 per month. And just $5 for the first month. Also the price plan of SMTP2Go for small business starts from only $1,99 per month. You can also use SMTP2Go free for 7 days.


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  1. i am using vb 6 and i wish to be sending members statement to their email and i am using SMTP2go server and some problems arise please can you assist me

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