SMTP Mail Relay Service – Right Solution for your Email Blocking Problems


If you desire to mail an email during travelling you may come across a severe difficulty. While modifying location you perhaps change a network which connects you to World Wide Web. So, if you try out using Outlook or any other email service provider to sent an email from some hot spot at the airport with your common settings – you will surely be blocked. SMTP mail relay service can be considered as a right solution for that.

This simple guide will assist you with excellent setting up your android phone setting or tablet to associate with SMTP service. You just require covering an account in one of offered services. To find out more about the service check out the guide now!

•    In a phone, adding a new email account.

Simply go to your email app and include a new email account. Possibly you will have to set your email address recorded on your selected SMTP service and a code word for your account. After that, simply click on Manual setup.

•    Select pop3 as an account category.

•    Received mail server settings: you need to include some data related to your email. Normally you can find them from your email service provider. Here, what is essential is your username, a password, a pop3 server address, an appropriate port number and type of security. The above mentioned things can be check out on your email service provider's website.

•    Setting of Outgoing mail server: it is one of the significant aspects. Normally, you cannot use the settings from your email service provider. However to be capable to use all the items of your innovative SMTP relay service account, we will utilize its SMTP server address simply as a friendly mail server. Keep in mind that you require to run an account first. You can also go through free choices available, so you can check the value of this.

It is also required to check the address of SMTP server offered by your selected SMTP mail relay service. Keep it as an outgoing mail server. The port number must also be confirmed on your service provider’s website. There is a good chance however, that 2525 will carry out the job.

And that's it. At the present simply add a name for your new story. Wherever you are you will be free to send an email without being obstructed. Moreover, there is no need to change the settings every time you modify your site and a network you are joined to.

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