Protect your mail server by using SMTP cloaking service


It is quite a known fact that SMTP is one of the most fundamental technologies that acts as the bedrock for email delivery system. In easy term this is the language that many mail server use to get communicated with each other and also to move any mail or messages across the internet.

As from Wikipedia record, 75 to 78% of all kind of e-mails sent are majorly spam. As effect, mailing servers need constantly evolve to try and just stay ahead of the game. If you are operating your own mailing server, many potential risk factors are there to face as following:

  • Extreme email message delivery attempt by the spammers or any other illicit user can consume extensive bandwidths and all processing power on the mailing server.
  • Any security purpose with the mailing service software (as injection vulnerabilities) can be compromised the reliability of the whole mailing process.
  • If your mailing server is hosted on DSL broadband connectivity or on a cable, there is a sheer chance that ISP is getting blocked port 25 (the SMTP port) in an effort to the spammers from using their network. This can render the server just useless as you would no longer be able to receive e mails.

best SMTP server

SMTP cloaking service can work by placing one or more public facing best SMTP server in front of your mailing server. The public server receive all mails destined for the domain perform any necessary anti spam or any antivirus checking and only pass the mails to your own mailing server if the messages appears to be quite good.

The arrangement of best SMTP server can offer you some considerable benefits:

  • The outer world has no direct access to the mailing server. They do not even aware of what kind of server software you are running.
  • If the bandwidth is getting reduced as only those messages that have already passed the test defined by the public servers will be properly delivered to the private server.
  • The user can run the mailing server on some other port than 25 and that is perfect if ISP is one of those that can block the connection to 25 port.
  • A proper SMTP cloaking service will offer several best SMTP server, giving you some extra dismissal in the event that one of the servers is down.
  • If your own mailing server is down for any other reason, mail will be held by best SMTP server and automatically delivered to the own server when it comes back up- efficiently offering you with good mails back up process and ensuring that you will never lose any e-mails as the good result of the issue with mailing server.

Still there is a significant drawback of using SMTP cloaking process:

If that procedure does not have a complete list of valid users at the domain, it will need to forward each and every emails it has received to your mailing server- whether the mail recipient exist or not. You will surely need to think in details about how you will up to date the mailing list every time you add any member to the mailing server. This issues should be discussed with best SMTP server provider rather SMTP cloaking provider, as the process of the programme is different in each supplier.

Mark Lee is a tech savvy IT professional who use best SMTP server and shares his view through many blogs or articles.

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