SMTP2GO REVIEW: Find the Truth About SMTP2GO

What is SMTP2GO?

Since 2006, SMTP2GO is a growing name in the field of email service providers. It is popular amongst its user because of its affordability, reliability in sending emails even in the farthest corners of the world, flexible pricing of all the plans offered and a great tech-support team which works to solve any problem 24/7.

Today, I am going to review SMTP2GO, to see if the claims of it being the fastest, cheapest and best smtp service provider are justified.

smtp2goSMTP2GO is a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol based email service provider. Which means we can send a lot of emails even from the remotest corners of the world, using cloud-computing technology. In an era, where digital marketing is gaining popularity in stealth speed, this feature proves to be an asset for business growth. The feature where one can track the emails a fascinating add-on since it helps ensure that the emails are reaching its destination without a hitch. One can also test their emails against major spam filters and see how they will appear in all major email software. All of these features are available even in the free version.

The result?

The fastest way of delivering emails is also the most reliable one since it gives a real-time tracking option.

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How SMTP2GO works?

The mechanism behind the transfer of emails is a hassle-free job. As it turns out, the process is fairly simple to understand.

SMTP2GO works on cloud computing, using the TCP/IP process. Which means, when you set it up, it employs a huge number of servers acting as a mailbox, out of which they provide each user with a dedicated space. From there, it operates by turning any home-based computer into an outgoing host. Essentially, a PC then acts as a server with the intention to use SMTP Mail Service, and SMTP Relay Service process to deliver emails without a glitch. One will be able to send multiple emails at once to local and international recipients in bulk. Overall, the easy working of the SMTP2GO is a big plus in making it the best SMTP server currently in the market.


The Setup of SMTP2GO

The setup of SMTP2GO is as easy as it is fast. All you have to do is to follow the guidelines provided on the official website of the server, “” and fill up the basic information form, and the free account will be created. Separate software to run the program is not required, and the installation takes approximately 2 minutes to complete.

SMTP2GO is easy to integrate on any webmail host like Yahoo or Hotmail and works well with all pre-existing email service providers like Thunderbird, iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Outlook, and Apple Mail. The ease with witch which one can set up the SMTP2GO server justifies the claim of it being the easiest way to send emails.

The Benefits Offered by SMTP2GO

Once you install SMTP2GO, you get a host of features to ease your communication through emails. You don’t have to worry about any technical aspects, or fear that your email will not reach its proper destination. SMTP2GO makes it possible to see what is happening to the emails you have sent with the help of Real-time analytics, whether or not the emails are reaching their proper destination. SMTP2GO takes care of all the technical details too. There is no worry about being blacklisted.

SMTP2GO also creates, maintains, and authenticates the correct SPF and DKIM records for a user’s domain name, without any prior knowledge. It helps keep your emails from becoming spam and getting any warning signals from Google. Not just that, with SMTP2GO you will be able to send transactional emails from your app, general emails from Apple Mail and marketing emails for your business with a built-in unsubscribe link. So many features, for such a price, is truly remarkable.

On another note, SMTP2GO’s application program interface, or API, is designed in such a way, that any application developers will have to use minimal effort. Full information code in multiple languages is provided, making it a dream come true for any developer.

The Customer Support Portal of SMTP2GO, A special mention

The main scoring point of SMTP2GO over some existing SMTP servers is regarding how they treat their customers after the sales pitch is completed. SMTP2GO solved that issue with their customer friendly 24*7 support portal. You can contact them from anywhere in the world, at any time, and they always revert with a solution to the current problem, right from opening an account and even after the transaction is complete. A friendly customer support goes a long way in this digital world to fix your brand name at the top of the game. It deserved a special mention in this review and SMTP2GO has also won the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.

Pricing of SMTP2GO, the cheapest SMTP server existing in the current market

Now is the time to mention why SMTP2GO is the fastest smtp service provider at the cheapest rate. You can avail SMTP services through SMTP2GO for FREE if you don’t want to pay. Though it does limit your email transactions to 1000 emails per month, even if you want to purchase the product and still don’t want to shell out the big bucks, there is a way for that too! Just purchase the Gold package for a mere $14. You can transact about 20,000 emails with it. Last but not the least, you can also opt for a customized package in which you choose the price you want to pay.

In a situation where you are not happy with your purchase, SMTP2GO gives you a guaranteed 60-day money back policy. In my opinion, it is a steal.

SMTP2GO, The Final Verdict

As far as smtp service provider goes, SMTP2GO has lived up to its claim of being the fastest and cheap SMTP server. It is the safest, and the most secure email delivery system. Therefore if you are sure that you need to buy an SMTP server SMTP2GO is the one to aim for.

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