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Choosing an SMTP relay service requires a bit more thought these days, largely because newer, better options are merging that may make one cheap SMTP relay service better than another. SMTPs’ strength has always been the ability to filter e-mails to prevent spam, viruses and worms that were far more common when more of the Internet was served by Open Mail Relays –these mail relays allowed arbitrary e-mails to travel to and from unauthorized users. Any cheap SMTP relay service could be configured to prevent open mail relay issues and it didn’t matter much which one was chosen, as long as it was an SMTP relay service.

A good SMTP relay service insures that a number of things happen-or don’t happen. Let’s say any important recipient of a crucial mass e-mail happens to beon a remote computer some far-flung part of the world. You don’t want to find out a day later when you’re hosting the teleconference that your mail relay left your client is in the dark. Remote recipients won’t be left out. All SMTP relay services are relatively cheap. Don’t settle for a cheap SMTP relay service unless the provider can specify what the service will and won’t do.

Mail Relay Service

SMTP2GO is an SMTP relay service that not only reaches remote recipients, but also verifies that your e-mail reached them. You want an SMTP relay service that relays the verification back to you automatically. The new SMTP2GO is a cheap mail relay that all three of these things at no extra charge. Reliability is not a new feature in cheap SMTP relay service, but having this complete combination of features in a reliable SMTP is indeed new.

Now that SMTP mail relay is an essential service people have to think about when choosing, the choice has become more complicated and no one wants extra hassle once the mail relay service starts. SMTP2GO continues to gain favor for its ease of set-up as well as its features-most reviewers say SMTP2GO only takes about two minutes to get up and running. It also works well when traveling as it not only makes single computer into an effective e-mail server (no matter what home window platform it has) it also works with Macs and works equally well on any mobile device. Favorable reviews of SMTP2GO show that this new SMTP relay service will re-set the standard for all providers of cheap SMTP relay service.

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