The Importance of SMTP Authentication


SMTP Authentication or the acronym SMTP AUTH is one of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocols' extensions. A SMTP server uses different authentication mechanisms whereby clients can log in. When sending email, your email software will prompt you to provide necessary login details. Depending on you SMTP Auth methods used it may only require login details when downloading emails.

Even when you set the SMTP authentication, "to Unnecessary" there may be certain times you need it enabled for example at MWEB-Ready Wi-Fi spots. When you access your mail at such a spot, take note that you do not need to change settings back when you log out, wherever you work from, but POP3 login details and SMTP login details must be changed separately.

How to do SMTP Auth
The SMTP AUTH methods will differ from the email software you use, but they are generally all the same. Select from the following email software to do your SMTP Authentication:

Outlook Express in Windows XP
Select Tools in Menu tab and click Accounts.
Click Mail.
Click twice on relevant entry in Accounts.
Next, click Servers.
In the name box in "Account Name," change username to the full email address you currently use.
"Server Information" is changed to for example when using MWEB, change box marked "Outgoing Mail Server", to
"My server requires authentication" BOX is ticked next.
Click "Settings."
"Use same settings as incoming mail server" is clicked.
Click OK twice and close the application.

Microsoft Office in Outlook 2007
Click Tools followed by Account Settings.
Relevant account will appear in drop-down menu and click "Change."
In "Server information" section change entry to
"Username" box is changed to full email address.
Click "More Settings."
Click "Outgoing Server."
Click "My outgoing Server Requires Authentication."
Click "Log on to incoming mail server before sending email".
Click OK once, then next, followed by Finish.


If you need to do an SMTP Auth check or SMTP Auth Test, there are several online DNS Tools, which you can do free, and they do not store any off your details. Instead of following a progressive SMTP Auth Test, you can enter your details, such as User ID, Email Password, and Mail Server used, click a button and the SMTP Auth Check will be done.

You will receive immediate results as well as instructions on how to fix any problems should there be.,, and more will offer you all the assistance to do a proper SMTP Auth Test.

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