Importance of a Reliable Outgoing Email Server


The only effective way of staying connected with customers, clients, or friends around the world is through email. Important conversations and official document exchange are extremely essential for the success of any corporation or business. The importance of a reliable outbound SMTP server is immeasurable in providing uninterrupted emailing.
Reliable outgoing email is integral to the success of any business and an outbound SMTP server tracks outgoing emails until delivery. It also lets you know if the email is deferred, in queue or undelivered due to an error. The value of a SMTP server can be measured when you never have to worry or wonder if someone has indeed received your email. After you click send on your email platform, there should be no mystery as to the delivery of your email.
A reliable outgoing email server, SMTP is engineered to mitigate problems of unreliability in email sending. It should have the following abilities:
• Your outbound SMTP server must allow you the ability to send emails from remote locations worldwide
• Track and see the delivery status of each sent mail
• Must be compatible with any email software that uses an SMTP server
• Have the ability to work on any device or platform
• Have a rock-solid infrastructure ensuring the security of your data
• Real-time reports that is useful to you in regards to delivery, unsubscribing of recipients or spam reports of your mail
• Fast, responsive and quick loading
• Authentication to protect you against identity fraud
• Use of TLS/SSL encrypted channels
There are many free outgoing SMTP servers available and it depends on individuals what type of SMTP server they should choose. Large businesses and corporation sending large amounts of emails per day to hundreds of recipients often choose a professional SMTP server. Individuals and smaller businesses can use any of the free outgoing SMTP servers on the Internet.
Gmail for example is very well known and a widely used free outbound email server. It is a safe and reliable outbound SMTP server using either 587-server port for use of TLS protocol or 465 for SSL protocol. Other popular free SMTP servers such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and more are also very easy and simple to set up, with security and authentication options. There are however, limitations to outbound daily emails, but usually the limits are around 500 emails per day.

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