Can't I use the outgoing SMTP server of my current network?

Sure you can. However obtaining this information is really hard, and sometimes even impossible. You may frequently experience some problems while using it on public places such as airports, hotels, WiFi hotspots. Most employees won’t understand what you are asking for, let alone provide you the information you seek. Trust me: they may even say “what are you talking about”. Because they haven’t understood anything you said. Unfortunately, those are the things I’ve experienced.

Also, you will have to have separate setups for every location you are located in. It is impossible to send emails without finding the SMTP mail server options of the network you’ve connected and entered them into your own software.

Quite troublesome isn’t it?

With SMTP2Go best SMTP mail server, you can send emails safely by changing options once, wherever you are and whichever ISP you are using.

How many email accounts can I have in my SMTP2Go account? Is it possible to use my home and work email addresses?

Yes. SMTP2Go solves those problems for you and enables you to send emails by using 5 different email addresses over the same account.

So you can send email with either you home or work email with one account.

Do I have to have a new @smtp2go email address?

There is no need for that. You can continue using the email address or addresses you are currently using.

Can I send attachments?

Sure. You can send attachment up to 20 MB with each email. This is quite a nice number compared to most ISPs!

What happens if I try to send more emails that the daily limit that I’ve set?

Your email will be delayed in your outbox to be sent the next day in this case. Also we will send you an email stating that you have reached your limit and informing you about the usage limit increasing options.

Can I setup SMTP2Go easily?

Definitely. Setting up SMTP2Go best SMTP relay server is easier than the email setup of the ISP you are regularly using.

Believe me, you won’t have any problems! We even provide the installation information for most mail programs (like Windows and Mac) for our users.

You too can do the installation in 2 minutes just by using detailed screen images of for installation that we have prepared for those mail programs.

Will SMTP2Go best SMTP relay server have any problems while working if Port 25 has been blocked by the ISP?

No you won’t have any problems. Because SMTP2Go will offer you 4 different port options (25, 2525, 8025 and 587). However we suggest that you use port no 2525. – all the information can be found in our setup. 

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